Group 2 Quartz Colors


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Product Description

Group 2 Quartz colors are the lowest priced.  Any Brand Color (Silestone, Caesarstone, Zodiaq, etc) can be closely matched per custom run order.  Just identify the color you want and we will submit samples for  close color match approval.  Zulite is a hybrid Glass and Quartz,  man-made engineered stone material  with the best quality resin, glass and quartz products.   Zulite is exempt from the US Department of Commerce Quartz Tariffs due to its chemical reformulation.

Countertops are typically Quartz (Zulite)  or Granite, with Quartz colors trending in popularity as new colors and patterns push designs without limits as man-made engineered Quartz has captured the majority of the market share for vanity and kitchen countertops. Zulite has the same properties as Quartz and  is stain and scratch resistant, has negligible water absorption,  and high flexural strength. Many granite quarries are closing which make Quartz colors the more popular alternative.

Group 1 Quartz colors are slightly lower in price and more readily available with shorter lead times, depending on the run.

Group 2 Quartz colors are typically more expensive due to the materials required for certain patterns and designs and coloration. Pure White, for example requires the highest quality of Resin to achieve the lightest and whitest coloration. Veining and certain patterns can be more difficult to achieve and require more time and different materials which can create stunning effects and add to the cost.

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ASTM Test Results on request