Group 1 Granite colors


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Product Description

Group 1 Granites are the lowest priced, but they are not all priced the same.  Choice of colors  available may vary as some quarries have  closed.  Please check when making selection.



Countertops are typically Quartz or Granite, with Quartz  trending in popularity as new colors and patterns push designs without limits as man-made engineered Quartz has captured the majority of the market share for vanity and kitchen countertops.  Quartz is  often more resistant to stain, and  has lower water absorption than granite.  Granite is often more heat resistant and less likely to scratch.  Many granite quarries are closing which make Quartz the  more popular alternative.

Group 1 Granites are the lowest priced colors, and are typically quarried within 100 miles of the Factories transforming the blocks to finished countertops.

Group 2 Granites are typically quarried from around world and are more expensive.  Blocks of granites are sold on the world market and available to Chinese Factories which allows for a large selection of natural stone colors to choose.